Terms & Conditions

AccessGlobalFund cares for you. Let us guide you through the process to make a stressless investment and quick returns


  1. The client has to accept the conditions of the agreement.
  2. Upon confirmation, you will have access to the service amenities.
  3. At administration discretion, any point of the agreement can be excluded.
  4. The company rule is nolified if the client does not agree to the terms of agreement.
  5. There is no refund of money if the client defaults the agreement.

Client Registration

  1. The bylaw of the agreement must be confirmed by the client.
  2. Client age must be 18+.
  3. Successful completion confirms the client agrees to the terms of service.
  4. Client can only create one account.
  5. The administration can block any extra account of a user.
  6. Username and password can only be setup by the client.
  7. No information is transfered to a third party. All client are accountable for their accounts.

Company Duties

  1. The service guarantees user's data confidentiality daily.
  2. The safety of clients' accounts will be guaranteed in case of technical problems.
  3. Payment of money solely depends on the investment plan chosen.
  4. Money is withdrawn automatically within the currency of the introduced deposit.
  5. The clients are advised to make difficult passwords to enhance security advantage.
  6. The company is not responsible for insecure data as a result of the client's lapses.
  7. All financial risk is professionally handled by the company's tech team.

Clients' Rights

  1. You are responsible for the login and password chosen.
  2. Only trustworthy information can be inputted on Personal Data.
  3. Do not violate the integrity of the company.
  4. The clients has every right to partnership.
  5. Registered clients are adviced to spread the company link to attract bonuses.

Confidentiality & Integrity

  1. This service will not transfer client information, whatsoever the reason.
  2. This service will provide protection and recovery to client personal information.
  3. Data is stored at the servers with multi-level system of protection, that's why unwanted accesses are prohibited.
  4. The service will provide internet access to the client daily.
  5. The company will consider and satisfy the complaints and petenses, notifications about services and issues on nerwork availability.